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The competitive Junior Olympic team at Atlantic was founded upon the gym's initial opening in 1994 by owner Tony Retrosi and coach Cori Cunningham.

The USA Gymnastics J.O. program at Atlantic has achieved much success at the Regional and National level through the highest levels of competition (Level 9 and 10). Team Atlantic has placed dozens of gymnasts on NCAA teams over the past two decades. We strive to provide the very best training with our staff of experienced, educated coaches and our well equipped facility, that rivals the best programs in the country.

The J.O. program begins with invitation-based Level 1 and Level 2 classes.  These levels do compete in meets and attend a State Championship meet. From there, athletes strive to progress in skill from Level 3 all the way through Level 10. The J.O. program demands a large commitment of time and effort from both athletes and their families. Typically, gymnasts in the JO program do gymnastics as their exclusive sport.  They plan to give gymnastics and academics their 100% attention and they do not participate in other sports. Reaching Level 8, 9, or 10 is a significant achievement that only the most dedicated, committed, and skilled athletes are able to attain. Our JO team members have the option to compete locally, regionally, and nationally.

Atlantic Gymnastics offers an alternate, competitive USA Gymnastics program called Xcel. Competing in the Xcel divisions provides gymnasts with the opportunity to be a part of a team that focuses on the enjoyment of participation in challenging gymnastics practice and gymnastics competition.

At Atlantic Gymnastics, our Xcel team gives gymnasts a chance to train in a team setting with less of a time commitment. Typically, Xcel gymnasts are excellent athletes who also participate in other sports, but still want the challenge and opportunities that a gymnastics team experience can offer.  Our Xcel team members have the option to compete locally, regionally, and nationally. In the Spring season, gymnasts may be invited from upper level recreational classes or Team Level 1 and 2 classes onto our Xcel team when they have reached the necessary level of mental and physical readiness.

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