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Our objective in this one on one class is to provide a specifically tailored lesson to meet the objectives of your child's IEP and/or special needs. This adaptive Physical Education Program has been allowed in some schools as a PE credit and is also dove-tailed with the objectives of their Occupational Therapist and or Physical Therapist.

Please contact the office to check availability in the schedule.


FALL 2019 / SPRING 2020
This class schedule will begin September 3rd 2019

RECREATIONAL CLASSES for students in 1st Grade and up.
Proven to be a great base sport for any child, gymnastics is often used to increase strength and coordination. We use all of the traditional equipment with a fun modern twist to make sure your child loves what they are doing. As your child's skill progresses we will make sure to challenge them in a safe way to keep encouraging your child's self esteem, skill, and fitness level.  

Whether your child is just beginning or they are advanced,
we can fit them with the right class with the right instructor at the right time. 

Boy Recreation Gymnastics (1st/2nd grade) (1hr) 
Tuesday 6:45
Wednesday 6:00

Girls Beginner (1st grade and older) (1 hour)

Monday 4:30, 5:15, 6:45*
Tuesday 5:15, 6:00, 6:45* (9+)
Wednesday 3:45, 5:15
Thursday 3:45, 5:15
Friday 3:45, 6:00, 6:45*
Saturday 9:00, 10:30, 11:45, 12:45

Beginner/Intermediate Combined (1 hour)
Tuesday 7:30* (9+)
Wednesday 7:30* (9+)
Thursday 7:30* (9+)

Girls Intermediate Level First Grade + (1 hour)   
(Must have completed Beginner B skill chart)
Monday 4:30, 6:45*
Tuesday 4:30, 6:00
Wednesday 6:00
Thursday 5:15
Friday 5:15, 6:45*
Saturday 9:00

Girls Advanced Level (1.5 hour) 
(Must have completed Intermediate B skill chart)

Tuesday 4:30
Wednesday 4:30
Thursday 6:45*
Saturday 2:00

Rec In-House Team 
*This class must be combined with a skills class. It is not a stand alone class*
More Info
Monday 3:45 (Beg), 5:00 (Int), 6:15 (Adv)
Tuesday 4:30 (Int)
Wednesday 3:45 (Adv), 5:00 (Beg)
Thursday 3:45 (Int), 5:00 (Beg), 6:15 (Adv)
Saturday 1:00 (Adv)

*Classes beginning 6:45pm or later must have at least 3 students enrolled in order to remain open


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