“We are so fortunate to have found this program! No one has EVER
taken the time to do things in such a progressive non-threatening pace.
It is amazing that you have her crawling!! Due to her lack of motor planning she has never…got down
on all fours…It is so encouraging that you’ve gotten her into that position and making forward movement. We can only assume that this action will stimulate development of more brain pathways”

– Jacky, mother of 22-year-old Adaptive Drop-in student

Atlantic Adaptive Movement Program.
Everyone moves.  
Everyone succeeds.

Atlantic Gymnastics provides a safe environment where individuals with special needs have the opportunity to reap the benefits of adaptive movement. 

AGTC offers a state of the art gymnastics facility, with full gymnastics apparatus and training equipment, including a loose foam pit, trampolines, both soft and sturdy safety mats of various heights, shapes, and sizes, adjustable bars and balance beams, swingable rings and ropes, ladders, and many accessories to enhance the learning experience.  

For over 20 years we have been offering students with special needs the opportunity to step foot into the world of gymnastics to reap the benefits of early intervention and ongoing therapeutic sessions. The extensive variety of movements encouraged around the gym and on the various apparatus has resulted in many individuals gaining upper and lower body strength, core stability, confidence, body and spatial awareness, improved processing and motor planning capabilities, calming stimulation, coordination, and increased patience and adaptability to differing circumstances. Many students have been dismissed from Physical Therapy because of the improvements gained by participating in adaptive gymnastics.


Weekly 1:1 or 2:1 instruction
Students work directly with an Adaptive staff member for 45 or 60 minutes,
based on age and development, receiving customized training specific to the individual’s needs.
4x/month on Monday-Wednesday, Friday, Saturday    
$124/month for 45 minutes           $165/month for 60 minutes 

Adaptive Movement Drop-in  $15 per visit. Parent or legal guardian must complete the registration waiver in order for participant to go into the gym. Participants, along with a parent or aide, are free to come anytime during the drop-in session and “play” in the gym at their own choosing. Adaptive staff are available to provide guidance on how to use equipment and suggest different activities. 
September through June      Tuesdays 12:00-1:30        Fridays 11:30-1:00


Program Director
Alana Lepine

BS Kinesiology Pedagogy
Medically diagnosed as a failure to thrive as a 3-year-old, getting involved in gymnastics played a large part in bringing Alana to full health and a lifetime of success. Following an accomplished career as a competitive gymnast in western Canada, she came to the northeast attending UNH on an athletic scholarship. While at UNH she joined the Atlantic staff, served as Rec and Preschool Director after graduation in 1999, and has coached all levels from parent-and-tot through competitive team. With over 20 years of gymnastics teaching experience, she took over the Adaptive Program in October 2015.
Adaptive Movement Instructor
Riley Fraatz

CTRS, BS Therapeutic Rec
After growing up in Rhode Island, Riley attended the University of New Hampshire and graduated in May 2016. She has worked with people with disabilities since she was 15 through Unified sports and other programs in high school, continuing through her college years. She seeks to use recreation and activity-based intervention to rehabilitate and address problem-areas for people with disabilities. Riley joined the Atlantic staff in April 2017.‚Äč


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