From Adult/Child classes to Team we offer a class that's right for everyone!!
We have open enrollment throughout the year, so you can register whenever you'd like! 
Call today to schedule a free trial in one of our Preschool or Recreational gymnastics classes.


Crawling to Kindergarten (6months-6yrs)
 2014/2015 Schedule                                             
We have classes for your 6 month old all the way up through Kindergarten.  Whether your child is trying gymnastics for the first time or not you can be sure that there's a program for your family here at Atlantic Gymnastics.   This is a great way to introduce your child to cooperative learning as well as developing large motor skills while having tons of fun. 
See our schedule for more information.

RECREATIONAL GYMNASTICS 1st Grade and up (6yrs +)
2014/2015 Schedule                                                          
Proven to be a great base sport for any child, gymnastics is often used to increase strength and coordination. We use all of the traditional equipment with a fun modern twist to make sure your child loves what they are doing. As your child's skill progresses we will make sure to challenge them in a safe way to keep encouraging your child's self esteem, skill, and fitness level.  Whether your child is just beginning or they are advanced, we can fit them with the right class with the right instructor at the right time.  1 hour to 2 hour class depending on skill level.

TUMBLING CLASSES                          
2014/2015 Schedule                                                  
We offer co-ed age specific beginner classes and advanced classes based on skill level ,great classes for active boys of all ages, as well as a variety of options for Cheer groups or teams who want to participate together.

2014/2015 Schedule                                            


We take our recreational gymnasts and offer them a competitive program through USA Gymnastics called PREP OPT.  This program has three levels of competition, and we provide them all: novice, intermediate, and advanced. 


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Holidays 2014 to 2015

This only pertains to class schedules.  
We typically have a variety of activities and camps to choose from during our breaks.  Check out our events page to find out more.
We will be closed for classes for the following dates: 

THANKSGIVING Break 11/26  to 11/30
WINTER Break 12/22  to 1/3
Memorial Day Weekend 5/23 to 5/25
Last Day of classes for CURRENT  Schedule  6/28